Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary

Translation Services

A proper translation involves much more than just replacing one word with another. A skilled translator transposes the style, tone, and intent of the text from the original to the target language, while taking into account differences of culture and dialect. When done right, the translated document will read as if it had originally been written in the language of the intended audience.

All documents are written with a purpose: to instruct, to convince, to persuade or to inform.  The purpose and the content of your document is what all skilled translator will focus, not on your words.  The translation process entails understanding the original text and transferring its message and purpose to the target language, in such a manner that the text in the target language have the same effect on the target audience that the original text had on the audience of the language of origin.

Because we understand the diverse characteristics that different texts may have, we have divided our fields of specialization into the following areas:

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