Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary

  Transcription in Spanish and English

Because ETS has the ability to translate in Spanish and English, we can also transcribe information in these two languages.  Either if you eventually want to translate this information into English or Spanish or want to keep the information for your records, our fully bilingual team can help you with your transcription needs.  We will provide the information in the format of your preference, and will always work for you to make the transcription of your speech spotless in any of these two languages.

Transcribing recorded information sometimes is needed to formalize conversations, or to make information available to other parties that did not participate in certain proceeding.  This type of service, for example, is widely used by lawyers or police officers who need to have in writing the subject of a recorded or videotaped conversation, or by companies to have in writing their training sessions or board meetings.

ETS provides transcription services for any field, such as business, legal, medical or technical, delivering a verbatim text of the utmost quality.  Among others, we transcribe:

  • conferences
  • focus groups
  • training sessions
  • board meetings, annual meetings, panel discussions
  • investigations (police, lawyers, insurance, private)
  • hearings and court proceedings
  • corporate and government health and safety matters
  • worker’s compensation matters
  • others

If you require to transcribe information in English or Spanish, consider us for your next project! Contact us.