Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary

  Technical-Legal Translations (Hybrid Documents)

It is not unusual for our certified translators to deal with documents that contain both technical and legal texts.  This is particularly common for documents such as patents or task-specific contracts, where the technical component is an integral part of a service agreement, for instance.  We know how to address these types of documents, where we translate the legal component following the rules of legal translation, and keep the technical nature of the specific field that the document is dealing with. 

A “hybrid” document is one that contains both technical and legal material that are an integral part of the text, and that must be translated according to the nature of their content.  Technical texts tend to be more structured than legal documents and often entail certain jargon that is specific to a certain field.  Legal texts, in turn, have a more complex structure that generally deals with the rights and duties of the parties involved in certain circumstances, and must be translated taking into account the two legal systems that are being paired.

Only certified translators with experience translating both technical and legal documents will be able to properly translate documents of this nature.  We keep in mind the technical and innovative terminology of the technical text, and use the legal tone and formality proper of legal texts.  Hybrid documents include:

  • patents
  • EIAs
  • technical-economic proposals
  • others

If your need to translate a patent or your project involves hybrid documents, please contact us.  We will be happy to hear about your project, guide you through the translation process, and translate your hybrid documents with the quality and dedication that only our professionals can provide.