ETS has been offering translation and interpreting services for the personal client since 2002.  Our services not only deal with the translation of the document itself: we guide you through the translation process to determine what documents you need to translate and what documents you don’t.  When you call us, we will ask questions regarding the purpose and the recipient of your document, to tell you what pages you need to translate, what formalities the documents have to go through and what we can do to best serve you with our translation and interpreting services.  This is a free consultation process that ETS offers, Because We Care.

ETS is knowledgeable of the documents required for immigration, weddings in Latin America, and other purposes.  We work closely with embassies and consulates, and we keep up to date on the latest document requirements from CIC.  We are aware of the different notarization and authentication requirements of different countries, and we gladly share that knowledge to provide you with the best service possible.

Clients may also come with specific instructions (such as notarization, authentication, apostilling), and we will make sure to provide you a final document as required by the institution where your documents will be used.

Our personal clients mostly require translation services for the following purposes: 

Personal Translations

Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary