Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary

  Medical Expenses

Yes, it happens.  You’re having the adventure of your life in Costa Rica, surfing the Pacific like Laird Hamilton, and a huge wave makes you end up in the hospital with a broken arm.  Or you were just sipping piña coladas by the pool and you slipped on the toy left by that cute toddler whose chubby cheeks you pinched just two minutes earlier, when you were admiring how cute he was.  Accidents happen – anywhere.

Although most health insurances offer accidental insurance coverage for incidents overseas, you will need to pay all your medical bills upfront in the country you are visiting.  To be refunded, you will need to translate your medical bills, prescriptions and doctor’s notes.  ETS can help you with your Spanish translations of:

  • Medical reports
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Prescriptions
  • Transportation bills
  • Health-related invoices

Please be aware that you don’t need to translate every single page of the documents you were provided in the country you were visiting.   Please contact us to go through your documents with you.  We offer this additional consultation service ... Because We Care.