Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary

To translate legal documents, an effective translator must be very knowledgeable of the legal terminology and conventions specific to the two languages he is translating, as well as of the differences of the two legal systems he is trying to pair.  Our certified translators are very well versed in the different legal areas, such as international, corporate, and labor laws, and we understand the nuances of the legal jargon and the importance of maintaining the formalities and terminology of legal documents during the translation process.

The purpose of legal documents - contracts in particular - is to establish clearly defined rights and duties between the parties involved.  For this reason, it is paramount that both the original document and the translation equally portray these rights and duties, keeping in mind the particularities of the different two legal systems and cultural dissimilarities of the original and final users of both the translation and the original documents.

Only professional certified translators specialized in legal translation should translate legal documents.  A legal document translated by a non-specialized individual could lead to errors, which may eventually lead to lawsuits.  A certified translator must be sensitive to the differences of the two legal systems that are being paired, something that our certified translators are very aware of.  In Canada, for example, the legal system is a combination of common law and civic law, while most of the Latin American countries follow civil law systems.  We have extensive experience translating legal documents, such as:

  • international agreements
  • articles of incorporation
  • corporate bylaws
  • patents
  • union agreements
  • business contracts
  • policy manuals
  • codes of ethics
  • litigation materials
  • trusts
  • wills
  • tenancy agreements
  • evidence documents
  • witness statements


​If you require to translate legal documents, please contact us.  We will be more than happy to discuss the documentation you need to translate, and provide you with the best legal translation services that only our certified translators can offer.

​​  Legal Translations