We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in different settings for business and individual clients.  Whether you are coming from overseas and trying to communicate in Alberta, or you are part of a delegation coming for different gatherings or learning about the specific use of certain machinery, we are here to help.  We apply our different interpreting techniques to diverse situations, changing from consecutive to simultaneous when required, in order to provide you with the best interpreting experience.  Just simply put, you won’t ever notice that your interpreter is there. 

Simultaneous interpreting consists of the oral transfer of meaning from one language to another in a few seconds of lag time.  This type of interpreting is the one used, for example, at UN conferences, and typically requires the use of headsets.  This interpreting technique differs from consecutive interpreting in that the latter requires the speaker to pause to allow interpretation.

Representatives from international corporations often need to communicate orally with representatives of their business in other countries, and they may need the support of a qualified interpreter.  For example, you may have problems with the structure that is being built in Chile, and you requested a telephone conference with the specialist in this country, who does not speak English.  Or maybe you need to ask questions regarding the details of your agreement, and you need to speak to your counterpart who only speaks Spanish. 

For the business client, ETS's interpreting capabilities include, among others, the following areas:


  • Conference calls
  • Courses
  • Seminars
  • Health and safety induction and orientation sessions
  • Personal language facilitation
  • Group language facilitation
  • Others


  • Hearings
  • Discoveries
  • Private investigations
  • Private conferences
  • Others

ETS works with Community and Court Interpreters that are members of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA).  By relying on the services of these professionals, you will be provided with the best service in the industry, as these language specialists abide by ATIA’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for:

  • Refugee interviews
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Legal interviews
  • Court hearings
  • Trade exams

If you require the support of a commercial, legal, community or court interpreter, please contact us!  We will guide you through the interpreting process, discuss the type of interpreting that you would require, and provide you with the best Spanish interpreter for your needs.

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