Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary

Virtually every government agency or department requires translation services for a wide variety of documents, ranging from a simple court letter to the official Canadian presentation in another country.  ETS has been working for governmental entities for the last twelve years, at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, and we understand how the translation process works in different situations.  The process and needs of translation of municipal authorities, for example, may vary quite substantially from those of the federal government.

Different levels of government require different types of documents to be translated.  At municipal level, for example, translation is needed to inform the community regarding new processes, or to make people aware of safety concerns or issues in the city.  Courts may also require the translation of documents to facilitate the communication process during a trial.  Translation is required by the provincial government for health matters, for instance, or for bilateral relations with other cities.  The Canadian Federal Government is a very well organised institution that has their own translation resources, which may use the services of third-party certified translators.

ETS's familiarity with translating different materials at different government levels make us your best choice for translating English and Spanish documents to be used by the government or overseas.  As certified translators, we know how important it is to have the know-how not only regarding our industry, but regarding the demands of governmental agencies.  Among others, we translate:

  • court-related documents
  • presentations
  • industry-specific information sheets and packages
  • specifications
  • pamphlets
  • others

If you are representing a governmental agency and require Spanish translation services for your institution at any level, please consider us for your next project.  Contact us.


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