Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Services in Calgary

Annual reports, financial statements, audits … we are the experts!  We have been translating these types of documents for over fourteen years, and we are familiar not only with the genre and its terminology, but with the urgent nature and quick turnaround that these documents need.  This familiarity allows us offering you a quick turnaround without sacrificing the quality of your text.

It is common practice that at the end of the fiscal year a corporation submits its annual financial and performance reports to their shareholders or stakeholders in general, to share the gains and challenges, and to report where the business stands at that specific moment.  Executives also need to share their plans and strategies for the next year, and shareholders must be aware of these plans and strategies to make informed business decisions.  When corporations are international, these reports need to be translated in the languages of the country where the corporation has businesses.  In other instances, an audit process is requested, and the findings need to be shared with the company’s stakeholders in Spanish.  We know the need—and we know how to help.

There are innumerable types of business and financial documents that are required to be translated, and some of them have a mix of business, legal and technical content.  Our expertise in different areas of translation allow us to address a translation respecting the different writing nature of every component, to offer your final reader a text that has the same quality of the original document.  Some business and financial documents may include:

  • financial reports
  • audit reports
  • annual reports
  • corporate policy manuals
  • contracts

If you require to translate documents for business and financial purposes, please contact us!  We will more than happy to learn about the documents you need to translate and provide you with the best translation services tailored to your needs.

  Business and Financial Translations